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Your ministry hosts are Paul and Jean Tharp

This duo brings to the internet communication, healthcare, publishing and broadcast talents. They reside in both North Carolina and Florida. Their ministry brings together a unique style. Support comes from their personal resources and love gifts from others like you.


Today's Inspiration

Did They See Jesus in Me!

We meet them in a moment, and then they are gone

Into the great unknown,

Some with a smile, and some with a song,

And some with a sob or moan.

Some with hearts that are heavy and sad,

Burdened as burdened can be.

Did I do what I could to lighten their load?

Oh! did they see Jesus in me?


I think of the longing I saw in their face,

Of the sad, mute appeal in their eyes;

When I saw them lie wounded and bruised

by the way,

Did I love them and help them to rise?

Did I, like Jesus, go bind up their wounds,

and make their hearts happy and free?

Did I, like Jesus, show mercy and love?

Oh, did they see Jesus in me?


Burdened and weary, we met them each day,

Each with his sins and his cares,

Longing for someone to hold out a hand,

For a place in our hearts and our prayers.

Burdened and sinful, weary and sad,

How many, how many, there be!

Oh, help me, dear Saviour, to lighten their load,

And may they see Jesus in me.

-A.J. Verrill

Faith is a precious gift from God!



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Recent Prayer Requests

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Please pray that all the fussing in my house will stop and that I get closer to God. It just keeps me upset.

Thank you, Mary G.


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